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From Steve Hay <>
Subject Problem with ap_strchr / AP_DEBUG
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 07:51:13 GMT
Can anyone assist with a mod_perl build problem involving ap_strchr
and -DAP_DEBUG (--enable-maintainer-mode)?

A problem has been reported that if httpd is built in maintainer mode
then the reference to ap_strchr in mod_perl sources is unresolved when
linking mod_perl. It doesn't happen without maintainer mode because
ap_strchr gets changed to strchr in that case (by httpd.h).

The implication is that ap_strchr is declared in httpd.h but
apparently not available from any shared libs?

I cannot reproduce the problem myself because I only have Windows
available to me, which doesn't have maintainer mode or any other
option for defining AP_DEBUG. I will try adding -DAP_DEBUG manually to
see what happens, but I don't think that server/util_debug.c gets
compiled on Windows...

So if anyone on *nix that's more familiar with these things could
explain what's wrong here then I would be very grateful. The
discussion thread with more details is here:

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