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From Christophe JAILLET <>
Subject Re: Version check idea
Date Thu, 23 Apr 2015 21:35:55 GMT
Le 21/04/2015 15:55, Jim Jagielski a écrit :
> For comment: What do people think about adding the capability that
> when httpd is started, it tries to access
> to check its version number with the latest one referred to in that
> file and, if a newer one exists, it prints out a little message
> in the error.log (or stderr)...

My 2 cents.

I don't really see the use to have such an info at start up. I would 
expect web server not to restart that often.
As said elsewhere, I suppose that server version that are running are 
the ones from the distribution used. So most user will not care about 
new version.
Moreover, in the case of a own build server, I expect that these users 
know what they do and where they can easily find information about the 
latest version, including sources in order to update.

in other words, I don't the use in real world, in any case.

However, other options could be: (going, from my point of view, from 
worst to better)

    - Send at startup "some data" to a server, including email of 
someone. This remote server would store these data, make the check and 
send by email if an upgrade exists. Knowing the version of the remote 
web server when it was last started could be used to make regular check. 
In such a case we would also need to uniquely identify all theses web 
server. These "data" could also include loaded modules in order to have 
some information on what is most used. (if of any interest)

    - Provide a service somewhere where users can register and define 
which apache foundation softwares (why limit to httpd?) they are 
running, define which version they are using. They would be notified by 
email when new version are released.

    - Add options in mod_status to make the check. (where to check, how 
often (once a day, once a week...))
      Each access to mod_status would this way display the latest 
version and if up-to-date

    - Only add a link in the page generated by mod_status.
      This link could be by default something like :
      This would display a page which would check the differences 
between the running version and the current version or say that it is 

Best regards,

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