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From Kaspar Brand <>
Subject Re: Older clients stopped working after server disabled SSLv3
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2014 12:04:21 GMT
On 01.11.2014 11:23, Yann Ylavic wrote:
> How about SSLv2Hello keyword (à la JDK), should we agree on a real
> issue caused by "ALL -SSLv3" (see below)?

This keyword wouldn't fit into the current set of options, so I'm not in
favor of it (the SSL2 compatible hello is like a flag which is
orthogonal to the protocol version).

> The real questions IMO is:
> Is SSLv2Hello replied with TLSv1.x server hello really safe against
> MITM/poodle/other attacks?

Well, no one can answer this question with "yes" as long as you do not
define "other attacks". From what is known today, however, accepting
SSLv2 client hellos does not lead to additional vulnerabilities compared
to a TLS client hello. See also RFC 6176 section 3:

>    o  TLS servers MAY continue to accept ClientHello messages in the
>       version 2 CLIENT-HELLO format as specified in RFC 5246 [TLS1.2],
>       Appendix E.2.  Note that this does not contradict the prohibition
>       against actually negotiating the use of SSL 2.0.

And this is what RFC 5246 says about its interpretation:

>    For negotiation purposes, 2.0 CLIENT-HELLO is interpreted the same
>    way as a ClientHello with a "null" compression method and no
>    extensions.

(Less options and extensions usually mean less potential for getting
things wrong - just a general observation, not specific to the issue at

> The problem is that with OpenSSL 0.9.8, "ALL -SSLv3" leaves only
> SSL_PROTOCOL_TLSV1, and TLSv1_server_method() won't accept SSLv2Hello
> (according to my own tests with openssl s_client).

Ok, I see - so it's actually not about "Older clients" (as the subject
of this thread refers to), but about mod_ssl compiled against OpenSSL
0.9.8 and not allowing TLS 1.0 connections with an SSLv2 compatible
hello, is that correct? Given that 1.0.0 has been around for more than 4
years already and 0.9.8 will be EOL'ed by the end of 2015, I don't think
we should spend too much effort into addressing such legacy-version
issues. I would again point to RFC 6176 section 3, and specifically:

>    o  TLS clients MUST NOT send the SSL version 2.0 compatible CLIENT-
>       HELLO message format.  Clients MUST NOT send any ClientHello
>       message that specifies a protocol version less than
>       { 0x03, 0x00 }.  As previously stated by the definitions of all
>       previous versions of TLS, the client SHOULD specify the highest
>       protocol version it supports.

(i.e., there's no good reason for a TLS-capable client to use an SSLv2
compatible hello.)

> openssl s_client (with no protocol option, eg. -tls1/-ssl3/...) uses SSLv2Hello.

It's not just determined by the use of these protocol switches,
actually. It also depends on the OpenSSL version and whether SSLv2
ciphers are still enabled. With OpenSSL 1.0.0 and later, SSLv2
compatible client hellos are essentially gone:;a=commitdiff;h=9ae5743515f88f481c0e1075c21404e67d9cc197


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