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From Bruno Raoult <>
Subject Description CSS class missing for empty desc / Missing directory description
Date Sat, 25 Oct 2014 20:58:12 GMT

I am very sorry to be new on this list, and looking at the code to
understand it will take a few more days.

However, the problems I can see in mod_autoindex.c are the following (they
are related):
1) The "^^DIRECTORY^^" check for icon is not available for description. I
think Icon and Description should follow the same rules.
2) Using "IndexStyleSheet" option does not set any CSS class when
description is empty

Therefore, it is impossible (for instance) to hide the "Description" column
with pure CSS (as empty descs will have no CSS class).

I suppose this was omitted on purpose, or maybe a bug? Before going on
source code, I would like to know more about this decision to have icons
and description having different algorithms.



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