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Subject C99 bump prior to apr 2.0?
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2014 16:27:36 GMT
Finally returned to VC6, having replaced my older svn on Windows
which would no longer handshake with and bumped into
a single issue.
Building VC6 binaries for win32, I was bitten by r1508904 which introduces
a C99 type prior to releasing apr 2.0 (probably not a good idea to make
such changes in a maintenance branch).  A fix is in the branch; (although it does not portably resolve
this C99 expectation, odbc isn't necessarily portable either).  This fix
was not in time for apr-util 1.5.3 but is ready for apr-util 1.5.4 whenever
that is released.
In terms of providing dist/httpd/binaries/win32 httpd 2.2.29 based on
msvcrt,dll, I have a couple of options;
 [ ] Ship with r1563992 applied (and document this? where?)
 [ ] Drop apr_dbd_odbc.dll from the distribution
 [ ] Don't ship
Any preferences?  If option 1 is elected, the second question is whether
to update the distro as an -r2?  This will only affect the
VC6/Studio 97 builds, since the more recent visual studio releases have
some level of C99 support.

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