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From Eric Covener <>
Subject PR56729: reqtimeout bug with fast response and slow POST
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2014 20:05:02 GMT
I am looking at this PR which I was able to recreate:

mod_reqtimeout thinks the body is still being read when it gets called
with mode=AP_MODE_SPECULATIVE during check_pipeline() near the end of
a request

Since all of the handlers processing time has gone by, it thinks the
read of the body has timed out and it returns an error, setting
AP_CONN_CLOSE and a short linger time.

Since mod_reqtimeout is below the protocol level(AP_FTYPE_CONNECTION +
8), it cannot even see the HTTP input filters EOS bucket if it's
looking for it.  I was able to add a 2nd filter that shares the
conn_config with the normal filter and sits up higher looking for the
EOS -- this seems to work

But it seemed a little hokey, but I didn't really understand if we
could instead treat that speculative read as some kind of reset point
and couldn't think of any other hook to tell reqtimeout to bail out.

Any alternatives?

Eric Covener

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