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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: Question about APLOGNO
Date Sat, 19 Jul 2014 20:44:31 GMT
Spanning lines in regex tests is trivial.

If it violates 80 col formatting style rule, absolutely do not shift the APLOGNO macro to
the first line.

Christophe JAILLET <> wrote:

>I was wondering if logged message, at least APLOG_ERR or APLOG_EMERG and 
>APLOG_CRIT, should all have a corresponding APLOGNO()?
>Using the following regex:
>    ap_log_.?error.*(_ERR|_EMERG|_CRIT)[^A]*$
>many places with "missing" APLOGNO can be found.
>There are some false positives because the [^A]* at the end of the regex 
>is here to check, in a more or less good way, the absence of APLOGNO.
>Most common mistakes are when APLOGNO is on the following line.
>If you think that adding the APLOGNO would be improvement, would you 
>like me to:
>     1) propose patches that put back APLOGNO on the same line as 
>ap_log_.?error, which seems to be the most common
>     2) add APLOGNO missing for APLOG_ERR, APLOG_EMERG and APLOG_CRIT?
>     3) only add these APLOGNO for new modules (mod_ssl_ct and 
>associated files need many)
>Best regards,
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