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From Steve Zweep <>
Subject RE: Question about async mod_proxy_wstunnel and threads
Date Fri, 18 Jul 2014 02:44:54 GMT
OK, I'll have a go at that tomorrow. I should note that it doesn't *always* fail for me. However
I haven't yet been able to predict when it will work and when it won't. I did run it earlier
with trace7 logging and basically saw no messages for the connections that were stalling.
The trunk code I checked out was quite recent, and I did confirm I had all the latest fixes
in place.

I'll send logs and annotations once I've collected them. Thanks Eric.

- Steve
From: Eric Covener []
Sent: July 17, 2014 9:15 PM
To: Apache HTTP Server Development List
Subject: Re: Question about async mod_proxy_wstunnel and threads

I am having trouble seeing it mis-behave. w/ Async and AsyncDelay, I
am seeing the expected trace messages and when I look at backtraces of
httpd I can see zero threads in wstunnel . If I send a server msg, I
get it ASAP in the client -- and then I see 1 thread in poll for the
right couple of seconds

Can you grab trace at e.g.

LogLevel INFO proxy_wstunnel_module:trace8

And annotate the timing a bit for what you do in the client?  Is it
possible you have an un-updated trunk from several weeks ago?  There
was an optimization put in and backed out that might have broke some
of these same things for a very short window.

On Thu, Jul 17, 2014 at 2:09 PM, Steve Zweep <> wrote:
> Hi
> I am prototyping a system in which we will have a large number of websocket
> connections between multiple clients and a server (potentially) behind
> mod_proxy_wstunnel. Currently I am testing a trunk build with the event mpm.
> With ProxyWebsocketAsync turned off, communication between client and server
> works well except that an Apache thread is held open for each connection
> (which is expected). With ProxyWebsocketAsync enabled, these threads are no
> longer seen, again as expected. I see two issues though:
> 1.       While communication from client to server works well, unsolicited
> messages from the server to clients seem to queue. If the client
> subsequently sends a message back to the server, the original message from
> the server is received. I would have expected the data from the server to
> generate an event resulting in immediate delivery.
> 2.       In attempts to debug this I experimented with
> ProxyWebsocketAsyncDelay. I observed that when this is used, the connections
> never go into async mode. I.e. proxy_tunnel_pump() never returns SUSPENDED.
> As a result I see the same thread usage as when ProxyWebsocketAsync is
> turned off. Is this expected behavior?
> Any insights into what is going on here would be helpful. I noticed that
> there have been a number of recent changes both to the event mpm and
> mod_proxy_wstunnel. Perhaps there are still some known issues with this
> code?
> Thanks
> - Steve
> -----------
> Steve Zweep | Senior Software Engineer
> WatchGuard Technologies, Inc. |
> 905.804.2143

Eric Covener

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