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From Andrey Ponomarenko <>
Subject Re: ABI compatibiliy checker
Date Mon, 07 Jul 2014 07:09:18 GMT

Joe Orton wrote:
> On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 06:16:52PM +0400, Andrey Ponomarenko wrote:
>> See also ABI tracker for httpd:
>> The tracker uses ABI compliance checker tool to create reports. The
>> report between latest git and previous release version is updated
>> daily:
> Andrey, would it be possible to add a report for the diff between:
>    "the latest release" ... and "the current 2.4.x branch"
> The branch name is simply "2.4.x" if you're pulling from git.  That
> would be most useful, so we can see if any commit has broken backwards
> compat prior to a new 2.4.x release.
> Regardless - is a very nice tool - thanks!


the branch has been changed to 2.4.x:

Please notify me when it should be changed again.

However, you can set up your local tracker using the basic 
abi-compliance-checker tool in order to not to depend on the online 

In this case you need XML descriptors of two library versions:









{RELPATH} in this XML-descriptor is the path to the install tree of 
httpd and it's replaced by the -relpath1 and -relpath2 options of the 
tool when you compare two versions of the library (the reference version 
and the latest one):

$> abi-compliance-checker -l httpd -old descriptor.xml -new 
descriptor.xml -v1 2.4.9 -v2 2.4.x -relpath1 {INSTALL_TREE_2.4.9_PATH} 
-relpath2 {INSTALL_TREE_2.4.x_PATH}

You can also create a "dump" of the library reference ABI version (say, 

$> abi-compliance-checker -l httpd -dump descriptor.xml -relpath 
{INSTALL_TREE_2.4.9_PATH} -vnum 2.4.9

And then create ABI dump of a new version and compare it with the 
reference one:

$> abi-compliance-checker -l httpd -dump descriptor.xml -relpath 
{INSTALL_TREE_2.4.x_PATH} -vnum 2.4.x
$> abi-compliance-checker -l httpd -old ABI_2.4.9.dump -new ABI_2.4.x.dump


Andrey Ponomarenko, NTC IT ROSA.

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