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From <>
Subject 2.2.28 tag later today
Date Mon, 21 Jul 2014 14:53:15 GMT
I'd like to proceed to tag and roll 2.2.28 either early this afternoon
from the office, or later today from Portland.  It wouldn't be a problem
for me to proceed either way.

If anyone is planning to review Yann's last mod_deflate or incomplete
body patches still lingering in STATUS, please holler right away so I
hold off the tag to offer time today for extra scrutiny.

I don't see a reason to change 2.2.x ahead of 2.4.x with respect to the
open headers clash proposal, so I didn't intend to backport this prior
to tagging the release.  And while the 2.2 patch of service.c has been
well tested and validated for several years now (and was a nightmare to
forward-port to the 2.4/trunk branches), I'm not intending for the
windows service name internationalization enhancement to occur before
that patch is applied to a 2.4 release.

We otherwise look ready to tag and roll, patch activity now seems
minimal, and we can hopefully conclude the vote by Thursday/Friday.  It
will be simpler for me to finally stage the release upon my return to
the office from OSCon very late on Thursday or Friday a.m.


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