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From Gary Mort <>
Subject eventopt roadmap?
Date Mon, 23 Jun 2014 14:46:44 GMT
I was mucking about with PHP and MPM_Event in 2.49 and found it rather 
slow.  I took a look at the mpm_event and noticed that the coding was 
rather basic and looked like it would cause a lot of memory usage and 
extra threads with the way it was written.

Looking at the latest dev code, I discovered eventopt which seems to be 
much better codewise[I'm assuming mpm_event was a first pass proof of 
concept and eventopt is where the tuning is taking place] - so I setup 
an arch package to apache from github and enable eventopt and it is 
working extremely well - I really love the options and performance and 
am working on tweaking the PHP apache module to integrate with it better 
- ie instead of having PHP create a PHP handler thread for every 
eventopt thread, let it use the eventopt pool management thread and add 
some config options to control the php handler pools.

I was wondering if there is a roadmap for what version of Apache 
eventopt will be released on?

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