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From Micha Lenk <>
Subject [PATCH ASF bugzilla #56288] mod_proxy_html could rewrite URLs in HTML style attributes too
Date Wed, 19 Mar 2014 21:26:38 GMT
Hi Apache developers,

In HTML you can have <div> tags that have a background image by 
providing a style attribute. E.g. this can be done by something fancy 
like this:

<div style="background:url( 
right 0px no-repeat; height:325px;">

Currently mod_proxy_html doesn't rewrite the URL in such style 
attributes (Thomas, Ewald, this is issue #22583 in our Mantis).

The attached patch tries to fix that by applying the configured string 
replacements also on style attributes.

Additionally it tries to make the code a bit more readable by renaming 
the function dump_content() to apply_urlmap(). This is what it actually 
does, especially after the call to AP_fwrite() has been moved outside of 
this function.

Please note that this patch requires the patch from issue #56284 to be 
applied first. Otherwise the last chunk will not apply. The attached 
patch is based on httpd trunk, rev. 1579365 plus the patch for issue 
#56284 applied.


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