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From Kean Johnston <>
Subject Re: what to expect from fcgid
Date Mon, 24 Feb 2014 15:10:26 GMT
On 2/24/2014 1:23 PM, Anthony Pankov wrote:
> It  is  very  interesting.  Especially  if it is possible to associate
> FastCgi  servers(socket)  with  apache  handlers and then use handlers where
> needed as SetHandler/AddHandler.
Yes you can indeed do that.

> Also  i'm  glad  to  hear  that  mod_extfcgi  will not cross mod_fcgid
> functionality.
That is very much by design. I want it to *only* deal with FastCGI, not to 
bolt on a process manager as well. I have always felt the process 
management for the FastCGI application servers were best left to outside of 
the Apache core, if for no other reason that it is common for people to 
have mixed nginx/Apache setups and both should be able to use the FastCGI 

Also, to be honest, a huge percentage of people that want FastCGI will be 
using it for PHP, and php-fpm does its own process management.


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