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From Yann Ylavic <>
Subject [PATCH] mod_ssl to dump I/O writes in debug/trace mode
Date Tue, 07 Jan 2014 11:46:56 GMT

maybe it's intended behaviour, but mod_ssl won't dump SSL I/O writes (ie.
ssl_io_data_cb) in DEBUG/TRACE4 (2.2.x/2.4.x) log level.

That's because the callback is not set on the ssl->wbio (rbio only).

This would help debug/diagnose SSL problems without the need of the
corresponding TCP dump.

The following patch will dump writes like reads (unconditionally).
It could be improved to dump reads/writes on both client/proxy sides
depending on a directive (something like SSLDumpMask +ALL -CLIENT_OUT
-PROXY_IN), but that's for debug mode only, so maybe overkill (otherwise
let me know).


Index: modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c
--- modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c    (revision 1550918)
+++ modules/ssl/ssl_engine_io.c    (working copy)
@@ -2014,8 +2014,14 @@ void ssl_io_filter_init(conn_rec *c, request_rec *

     if (APLOG_CS_IS_LEVEL(c, mySrvFromConn(c), APLOG_TRACE4)) {
-        BIO_set_callback(SSL_get_rbio(ssl), ssl_io_data_cb);
-        BIO_set_callback_arg(SSL_get_rbio(ssl), (void *)ssl);
+        BIO *rbio = SSL_get_rbio(ssl),
+            *wbio = SSL_get_wbio(ssl);
+        BIO_set_callback(rbio, ssl_io_data_cb);
+        BIO_set_callback_arg(rbio, (void *)ssl);
+        if (wbio && wbio != rbio) {
+            BIO_set_callback(wbio, ssl_io_data_cb);
+            BIO_set_callback_arg(wbio, (void *)ssl);
+        }


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