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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1561447 - in /httpd/httpd/trunk: CHANGES modules/mappers/mod_dir.c
Date Mon, 27 Jan 2014 21:29:29 GMT

> Is the DirectorySlash side of things ever useful for these methods?

   You're thinking that maybe the return DECLINED statement could move
up to the top of fixup_dir()?  I've pondered that myself, but I think
that's a much bigger change than just restoring the 2.2.x behaviour
which should resolve this PR issue.

   For one thing, mod_dav is only one module -- other third-party
modules may expect the 2.2 behaviour here as well.  So I'd hesitate
to make a more substantial change.

   As for mod_dav, the spec says, "If clients do not use the trailing
slash form the client needs to be prepared to see a redirect response."
It also notes that the server MAY choose to operate on a collection URL
lacking a trailing slash, and if so, it SHOULD return with a Content-Location
header.  So far as I know, mod_dav isn't ready to do this -- it likely
operates OK on collection URLs lacking a trailing slash, but I don't
think it returns the Content-Location header.  That's not required, but
it would be nice to have before we made this kind of change.

   Practically speaking, since mod_dir and DirectorySlash are enabled
in the default httpd configuration, I suspect most mod_dav deployments
will have DirectorySlash enabled, and therefore most DAV clients will
be able to operate with the existing 2.2 redirection behaviour.  (And
some may even flail if they don't see the redirection, although that's
technically their problem.)

   So for the moment, I'd be inclined to just restore the 2.2 behaviour
and close the PR.  I've got a stack of other mod_dav fixups should
try to push into trunk ... I'll try to steal some time to chip away
at the pile.  No rash promises, though.  :-/

   Thanks for taking a look at this; cheers,


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