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From Justin Erenkrantz <>
Subject mod_fcgid and streaming large request bodies
Date Fri, 27 Dec 2013 13:49:22 GMT
Hi all!

I'm currently using FastCGI for an application - in particular, Ceph's
radosgw (S3 endpoint).  I was told to use mod_fastcgi as mod_fcgid doesn't
handle large request bodies appropriately.  Yet, when I looked at the
mod_fastcgi code, I shrieked in horror.  =)

In looking at add_request_body in fcgid_bridge.c, it looks like we read the
request body into memory and if it crosses a threshold, we spool it to
disk.  After everything is read from the client, then mod_fcgid begins to
write to the FastCGI socket.  In my use case, we would be PUT'ing large
request bodies that are many GB in size - so, I'd rather just stream it to
the FastCGI socket and take the hit on potentially blocking other incoming
requests.  (In our case, it makes no sense to spool the request body to
local disk.)

Anyway, I'm diving into the code a bit - but, I figured it might be useful
to see if anyone else has any thoughts about how to handle large request
bodies with mod_fcgid.

Happy holidays!  -- justin

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