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From Michael Felt <>
Subject patches for the build/aix area - httpd-2.2.x
Date Thu, 05 Dec 2013 17:44:40 GMT
Now includes:
the LICENSE in the packaging
also adds a dependency for the libc in use by the building system (to
prevent issues when trying to load a package on AIX 5.3 when it was
packaged on AIX 6.1 (or higher)
uses httpd/httpd as User/Group - and changed in httpd.conf before packaging
sets file owner/group to httpd:httpd at install (creates user/group in
local files
(i.e. not in LDAP) if needed.
rpm for libz is no longer needed

"apr" and "apr-util" are external packages, rather than built in src - same
as httpd comes from svn.

Happy "Sinterklas",


p.s. will redo the same for httpd-2.4.x asap

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