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From Yann Ylavic <>
Subject Re: Behavior of Host: vs. SNI Hostname in proxy CONNECT requests
Date Tue, 24 Dec 2013 11:58:49 GMT
On Mon, Dec 23, 2013 at 9:49 PM, Ruediger Pluem <> wrote:
> Kaspar Brand wrote:
>> On 21.12.2013 14:21, Ruediger Pluem wrote:
>>>> I guess a more general fix for this would be:
>>> No further comments / feedback? If not then I would commit the patch.
>> The change looks fine to me (for easier comparison/review,
>> a whitespace-change-ignoring version is attached).
>> What would probably make sense is to amend the following comment
>> on this occasion:
>>   /*
>>    * The SNI extension supplied a hostname. So don't accept requests
>>    * with either no hostname or a different hostname.
>>    */
>> It doesn't say anything about the rationale right now, and as
>> recent discussions have shown, it would be helpful to explain
>> why this is done.
> Done. I have tried to improve the comment and added a TODO if my
> reasoning for the checks is really true.

Sorry to be late, I'm overwhelmed these days...

+            /*
+             * The SNI extension supplied a hostname. So don't accept requests
+             * with either no hostname or a different hostname as this could
+             * cause us to end up in a different virtual host as the one that
+             * was used for the handshake causing different SSL parameters to
+             * be applied.
+             * XXX: TODO check if this is really true and that there are
+             * SSL parameters that are not fixed by a renegotiation in
+             * ssl_hook_Access.
+             */

According to,
the (great) analyse Kaspar made in 2008, the only parameters which
won't be renegotiated are SSLCACertificateFile/Path and
This is because of the lacking OpenSSL's SSL_set_cert_store()
function, which always seem to be the case with the latest versions
There may also be issues when SSLVerifyClient is "optional*", but
optional issues IMHO.

+            if (!r->hostname) {
+                ap_log_error(APLOG_MARK, APLOG_ERR, 0, r->server,
+                            "Hostname %s provided via SNI, but no hostname"
+                            " provided in HTTP request", servername);
+                return HTTP_BAD_REQUEST;
+            }

One thing this code is possibly missing is HTTP < 1.1 requests (as
William noted in his proposed patch), where no Host is provided,
couldn't SNI be used by the client in this case?

Personnaly I like the idea of being able to disable the check, when
SSLStrictSNIVHostCheck is off for example, but probably it should be
set "on" by default in this case.


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