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From Graham Leggett <>
Subject r->handler being overwritten with mime type
Date Thu, 12 Dec 2013 13:28:28 GMT
Hi all,

I have just tripped over a case where mod_auth_form has been configured to do inline login.
What is supposed to happen is that on successful parsing of the POST of the login form, we
do an internal redirect to turn the request back into a GET (or whatever method the original
form wanted to achieve):

1043	        if (sent_method && strcmp(r->method, sent_method)) {
(gdb) print sent_method
$5 = 0x1011107b8 "GET"
(gdb) next
1044	            r->handler = FORM_REDIRECT_HANDLER;

Later on we reach the form redirect handler, but at this point r->handler has been blown
away and now contains a mime type:

Breakpoint 2, authenticate_form_redirect_handler (r=0x10110a508) at mod_auth_form.c:1262
1262	    request_rec *rr = NULL;
(gdb) next
1263	    const char *sent_method = NULL, *sent_mimetype = NULL;
1265	    if (strcmp(r->handler, FORM_REDIRECT_HANDLER)) {
1266	        return DECLINED;
(gdb) print r->handler
$6 = 0x1010c5588 "text/html"

Does anyone know offhand where I should be looking for something that sets a mime type? It
seems that something is setting the handler without checking first to see if the handler has
been set already, and this breaks form login.


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