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From Kean Johnston <>
Subject Re: Correct way to have a persistent connection between requests?
Date Sat, 30 Nov 2013 06:34:58 GMT
On 11/29/2013 12:12 PM, Nick Kew wrote:
> Take a look at apr_reslist.  It may be even better than you'd hoped.
This does look exciting. If I am understanding my casual reading of its 
header correctly what I can do is create the resource list during 
child_init, and ensure it has enough slots for the number of threads in the 
MPM. Then in the request handler I simply request the resource, and its 
constructor will create the connection to the FastCGI server, or give me an 
already establish connection if one is free. This then neatly side-steps 
another problem I thought I would be facing which is the lack of a 
per-thread version of child_init. Am I reading this all correctly?

Actually I just had another thought. In the child_init handler I can 
pre-prime the resource list and actually open the connections for as many 
as AP_MPMQ_MAX_THREADS threads exist, so that there isn't even the initial 
delay the first time a thread needs a connection.

I hope I am getting the hang of what you were suggesting.


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