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From Kean Johnston <>
Subject Correct way to have a persistent connection between requests?
Date Fri, 29 Nov 2013 09:13:25 GMT
Hello everyone, I am new to this list and I apologize in advance if this is 
the wrong forum to ask module related questions or if this is a FAQ.

I am writing a module for FastCGI handling(*) that deals solely with 
FastCGI applications over either a local socket or a TCP socket. It will be 
a performance win if the connection between the module and the FastCGI 
application is only created once, not per request. The FastCGI 
specification supports this, as does php-fpm for example. What is the best 
way of doing this? It would be nice if this connection could be lazily 
established (i.e not until it is needed) but if I have to use the child 
hook that wouldn't be a train smash. Obviously in a multi-threaded MPM each 
thread needs its own connection. I also have no experience with the event 
MPM so I don't know if there are any gotchas associated with that.

Any pointers (except NULL) greatly appreciated.


* Yes I am aware of other modules attempting to do the same. mod_fastcgi is 
way out of data and not actively maintained. mod_fcgid also wants to be a 
process manager which not everybody needs (for example php-fpm people don't 
need it at all), and mod_proxy_fcgi relies on the proxy framework, which 
has security implications according to Apache's own docs, and it doesn't 
provide any AAA capabilities. My module differs from the aforementioned in 
that it is *just* about managing FastCGI connections, not about process 
management, and it fully integrates with the standard AAA framework in 2.4. 
It also supports the FastCGI "filter" role, which none of the others do AFAICT.

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