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From Eric Covener <>
Subject stop copying footers to r->headers_in?
Date Sat, 19 Oct 2013 14:13:21 GMT
Currently, when the body is consumed by a handler, a side effect is
reading footers that might be present and copying them to

This presents a series of problems.

* things that inspect r->headers_in expect it to be fluffed up much
earlier than midway through the handler phase

* if the handler looks at headers before reading the body, they could
differ from what's logged

* if the handler looks at headers after reading the body, mod_headers
was out of the loop if configured.

I am thinking:


1) add r->footers_in and use it in 2.2 and up by default
2) add a directive to copy them up to r->headers_in (for those broken
by the change)


3) add a hook to parse footers

4) try to teach mod_headers to do something useful with that hook, but
not with existing directives.
5) teach mod_log_config to log from footers_in

Thanks and credit to Martin Holst Swende for discovering and reporting
the problem.

Any thoughts or volunteers?  Also eager to hear some direction from
Roy on this one

Eric Covener

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