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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Exposing more loggable data from the proxy
Date Fri, 25 Oct 2013 13:07:56 GMT
As I stand up a simple IPv6 test proxy that supports both AF_INET and
AF_INET6 addresses, I was looking for a way to log what addr family (and
maybe the IP address) mod_proxy settled on for each request in the
access_log. I'm not seeing a way to do that (but correct me if I'm
missing something) and was poking through the code and got to thinking
that there are all kinds of data bits that'd be interesting to have
available in the ENV.

I'm thinking it'd be worth adding a directive (ProxyAddEnvironment?)
that adds these ENV entries to each r->subprocess_env:
 * Host header sent to backend (useful when dynamic targets are used)
 * Target DNS name if set
 * Target IP address
 * Target Address family
 * Target port
 * Target connection protocol
 * Flag for SSL enabled

All of the data is readily available once a connection is acquired in
ap_proxy_acquire_connection sans the HTTP Host header.
Aside from logging, exporting these as ENV entries to the request allows
us to do all sorts of stuff in other modules, too....

Any thoughts? Is there something I should include or exclude before I begin?

Daniel Ruggeri

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