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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: Does Apache need Designers?
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 15:50:49 GMT
On 10/15/2013 05:43 PM, Rich Bowen wrote:
> On 10/15/2013 07:28 AM, Nikash SINGH wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I know it's not entirely appropriate to interject on this list, but
>> I've exhausted a few other options before deciding to post here.
>> I'm a User Interface Designer with experience in open source projects
>> (, then LibreOffice) and I'd like to help by making
>> graphics for Apache because I feel particularly passionate about the
>> world wide web and its freedom. I've suggested this in the past and
>> met with lukewarm reception so I'm posting on this list in hopes it
>> will find support with some Developers who see the need for a
>> Designer's contribution.
>> To show how I could contribute (and whether I'm capable of it) I've
>> prepared some examples where new imagery might reinforce Apache's
>> standing as the premier HTTP server. On this site below, I've proposed
>> logos, installers and a website re-skin;
>> As you can see I'm not radically changing anything, I'm just
>> suggesting small improvements to bring the aesthetic of Apache up to
>> date. And I'm being realistic about the degree of change necessary,
>> especially on the HTTP project website where the changes are CSS-only
>> to minimise work.
>> For example, this is the current (existing) HTTP project website;
>> And this is the exact same page with my CSS file added;
>> I know this is a Dev list, but I'm hoping some of you feel inclined
>> after viewing the proposals, that the help of a Designer might benefit
>> Apache going forward. And even if these examples aren't useful, maybe
>> we could discuss the creation of icons/badges/shirts etc? more of my
>> work can be found at my volunteer website below.
>> Thanks for taking a moment to check out the proposals!
>> I hope you'll consider my request for joining you all in making Apache
>> look every bit as good as it works.
>> -Nik
> So, a few comments:
> First, I like what you've proposed regarding the httpd website, although
> the blue marble thing next to the project name seems out of place. Are
> you changes just to CSS, or are they changes to the HTML? (I didn't dig
> too deeply, as you can see.) I also like the changes to the Windows
> installer. I'm not at all sure what's involved in changing the look of
> the installer.
> Second, you've proposed changes to the httpd website, but also to stuff
> that is at the Foundation level. Any changes to the logo would have to
> be decided on the Trademarks mailing list - -
> rather than on a list dealing with just one project within the
> Foundation. In case you're not very familiar with the Foundation, there
> are 100+ projects, and httpd is just one of them. All project have equal
> footing within the Foundation, and such a thing, affecting the entire
> Foundation, could not be decided here.
> -- 
> Rich Bowen
> Shosholoza
I like the sentiment, and I support _some form_ of overhaul of our site.
I'm not sure I'd go for any of the specific designs proposed, but it's a
good starting point, at least to get the ball rolling. There's also
issues of licensing and contributor agreements and what not that needs
to be sorted out.

If there's not too much disgruntlement, perhaps we can, to paraphrase
mr. Bush, find a Coalition of Willing that would sit down and look at
how we could proceed with this? I'm certainly up for it (*writes own
name down on a napkin*).

With regards,

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