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From Nikash SINGH <>
Subject Does Apache need Designers?
Date Tue, 15 Oct 2013 11:28:58 GMT

I know it's not entirely appropriate to interject on this list, but I've 
exhausted a few other options before deciding to post here.

I'm a User Interface Designer with experience in open source projects 
(, then LibreOffice) and I'd like to help by making 
graphics for Apache because I feel particularly passionate about the 
world wide web and its freedom. I've suggested this in the past and met 
with lukewarm reception so I'm posting on this list in hopes it will 
find support with some Developers who see the need for a Designer's 

To show how I could contribute (and whether I'm capable of it) I've 
prepared some examples where new imagery might reinforce Apache's 
standing as the premier HTTP server. On this site below, I've proposed 
logos, installers and a website re-skin;

As you can see I'm not radically changing anything, I'm just suggesting 
small improvements to bring the aesthetic of Apache up to date. And I'm 
being realistic about the degree of change necessary, especially on the 
HTTP project website where the changes are CSS-only to minimise work.

For example, this is the current (existing) HTTP project website;

And this is the exact same page with my CSS file added;

I know this is a Dev list, but I'm hoping some of you feel inclined 
after viewing the proposals, that the help of a Designer might benefit 
Apache going forward. And even if these examples aren't useful, maybe we 
could discuss the creation of icons/badges/shirts etc? more of my work 
can be found at my volunteer website below.

Thanks for taking a moment to check out the proposals!
I hope you'll consider my request for joining you all in making Apache 
look every bit as good as it works.

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