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From Thomas Eckert <>
Subject ProxyPassReverse and regex
Date Wed, 25 Sep 2013 09:06:33 GMT
I'm facing the problem that I have to use ProxyPassReverse inside a
<LocationMatch> container, which is not really supported as documented in
the last paragrpah at

I find the 'workaround' mentioned in the docs quite useless:
"The same occurs inside a <LocationMatch> section, but will probably not
work as intended, as ProxyPassReverse will interpret the regexp literally
as a path; if needed in this situation, specify the ProxyPassReverse
outside the section, or in a separate <Location> section."

How is this supposed to help me when facing such a situation ? If I need to
have ProxyPassReverse understand a regex then it will not do so just
because I placed it outside of the <LocationMatch> container since it
*always* understands the path argument as literal string - or did I miss
anyhing when looking at the ProxyPassReverse code ?

In my concrete situation I have a <LocationMatch> container with a negative
lookahead which I need to have ProxyPassReverse understand somehow. I'm
thinking of patching ProxyPassReverse using the ProxyPassMatch code so it
understands regexps correctly. However, this has surely been considered
before and I'm wondering why it was not put in - after all similar code
exists for ProxyPassMatch. Are there pitfalls which I haven't seen yet ?

Some time ago I dig into some issues I had with using directives inside a
<LocationMatch> container instead of a <Location> container. I remember
being told in IRC <LocationMatch> behaves less like a <Location> and more
like a <Directory> internally. Might this be connected to
'ProxyPassReverseMatch' not existing ?


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