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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject Re: will anyone build httpd/apr with cmake on Windows?
Date Sun, 08 Sep 2013 12:23:25 GMT
On Sun, Sep 8, 2013 at 7:56 AM, Steffen <> wrote:

> Still, no-go,  the same with 1520850 (today), does not find any deps folder
> and errors/stops with "APR include directory not correct".
> Building httpd,  with apr 1.4 and apr-util 1.5 and following the readme.
> He does not find all the deps folders,  apr, libxml2, pcre etc. Which I
> build manual, except apr and apr-util, because I expect that apr and
> apr-util is build when I do a httpd cmake build ?

The cmake build for httpd doesn't build any support libraries; it assumes
they are built already.

I have two different samples now, at, which provide hints on how to put
everything together, since we don't have a typical-user-build-everything
script yet.  One is a Makefile and one is a .cmd script.  The Makefile lets
you build everything OR build/rebuild selected packages; the .cmd script
only goes from start to finish (or until failure) and doesn't let you
rebuild anything.

> In the readme: installed to a different directory than httpd ....
> AND ... is found in the default location ..   For me it says that there is
> a
> default place it is looking ? And what is the directory httpd ?

By "installed" it refers to having been built and the binaries installed.

If for example you build/install PCRE to c:/XXX with
-DCMAKE_BUILD_PREFIX=c:/XXX and you also build/install httpd to c:/XXX with
the same CMAKE_BUILD_PREFIX, then PCRE will be found automatically.

> So I placed the in httpd src tree, no go. Also no go when placed in
> httpd/srclib
> Question is, Where do I put them, where is the default place ?

There's no default for the source of PCRE (or any other support library)
since the cmake lists only build one individual project.  (Building the
whole batch is a job for something else, that does the task of the examples

> Please give me the command line which build httpd including apr apr-util.
> And which does not have a -Dincludes, just one that uses  default
> location(s).

To build everything you need a script or makefile that ties together the
different builds, like the samples.


> From: Jeff Trawick
> Sent: Tuesday, 3 September, 2013 13:27
> To: Apache HTTP Server Development List
> Subject: ************ Re: will anyone build httpd/apr with cmake on
> Windows?
> ps.
> Still no able to build with your current cmake files, errors that
> apr/include is not correct. Asked Tom D for help.
> Was that when building httpd?  Maybe it couldn't find an apr header file
> with "arch" or "private" in the name?
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