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From Jan Kaluza <>
Subject [PATCH] svn commit: r377292 - Clean up some code in mod_dav.
Date Mon, 09 Sep 2013 09:00:08 GMT

while trying to fix bug #55426 I have found out that commit is probably wrong. If my analysis is correct,
the first ap_get_status_line(...) call has to remain in the code, because
r->status_line is used right in the next call of ap_rvputs(...) and currently
this r->status_line is reflecting old status or is null.

It's true that r->status_line can be set by basic_http_header_check(...) later,
but in the case of dav_error_response we need r->status_line to be set earlier
to be able to call ap_rvputs(...).

Attached patch reverts the first part of r377292 and also fixes bug #55426 for

Jan Kaluza

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