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From Jan Kaluža <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Make error logging modular
Date Thu, 26 Sep 2013 09:38:41 GMT
On 09/18/2013 02:19 PM, Ivan Zhakov wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 18, 2013 at 4:01 PM, Jan Kaluža <> wrote:
>> On 07/22/2013 08:02 AM, Jan Kaluza wrote:
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>>> Hello Jan,
>>>> Is there any reason we shouldn't do this in trunk?
>>> I don't see any reason. This patch was intended for trunk, but I don't
>>> have
>>> svn commit access, so I'm sending patches to this list :). It's also
>>> better
>>> that someone reviews my code, because I don't have so long experience with
>>> httpd development.
>> If there's nobody against this change, I will commit the first two patches
>> (+ documentation) to trunk in the end of the week. I think we should wait
>> with mod_journald a bit until journald's performance gets better, but if you
>> think it would be useful to have mod_journald in trunk too, let me know.
> It would be also nice to have option for log provider to declare
> whether multiline log messages are supported. It will be very use full
> for logging complex error message to Windows Event Log, like
> dav_log_err() does. Currently on Subversion error it writes three log
> messages to event log like:
> [[[
> Provider encountered an error while streaming a REPORT response.  [500, #0]
> A failure occurred while driving the update report editor  [500, #620018]
> Error writing base64 data: APR does not understand this error code
> [500, #620018]
> ]]]

That should be possible now. You just have to add another 
AP_ERRORLOG_PROVIDER flag for that. If you are going to code Windows 
Event log support, I think you can do it this way.

> But it will much more convenient to have only one event log entry
> logged with these three lines.

Jan Kaluza

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