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From Jeff Trawick <>
Subject [RFC] mod_authnz_fcgi
Date Mon, 05 Aug 2013 19:43:52 GMT
I have been working on an AA (just 2 for now ;) ) over FastCGI interface
for httpd 2.4+ which uses the provider APIs.  The source still needs some
TLC (especially some parts which originated with mod_proxy_fcgi but still
need drastic restructure to suit the more limited requirements of auth),
but if anyone would like to look around in the doc or code, and/or is just
bored out of their skull, you can find the the pieces at

As part of that I've created a handful of utility routines, such as the
buffer logging ones I mentioned yesterday as well as some FastCGI protocol
functions which are essentially the same as some private functions in
mod_proxy_fcgi.  The utility routines still need more work, after which I
hope to include them, along with mod_authnz_fcgi, in trunk.

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