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From "Steffen" <>
Subject Re: will anyone build httpd/apr with cmake on Windows?
Date Sat, 31 Aug 2013 21:42:08 GMT
Suddenly we have cmake in trunk, is there history to go this way ?

The primary cmake selling point is cross platform, is it tried on *nix ? 
With Windows we have "cross VC" namely   VC6, VC8, VC9, VC10, VC11 and 
almost official  VC12.  Quite some work to get it ok on all these.  And be 
aware that cmake has to be maintained, expect  more then the current way.

Looked at the cmake in httpd trunk and see there are still some
limitations/issues. Not tried yet, figuring out how to start.  Anyone knows
a working command line with options for building with cmake  ?

I have concerns with what looks like the complexity of just building with it
but am going to hold final judgment till I've messed with it. But when I see
the reply of Gregg, then I need first to study the internals of cmake to be
sure what is going on and how to customize.

Concern is also the flexibility like we have with dsp/vcxproj files.  And
how are the Compile/Link options set, and which uses cmake ? With the GUI, I
can set tons of options for example for optimizations, debugging, tracing
etc. I expect that the current makefile, dsw and dsp files remain, we need
it to debug/trace, with only cmake we miss a lot.

I am a GUI guy and I state that on Windows the MS tools/stuff should be used
as much as possible, like .dsp and vcproject files.  I prefer GUI, it has
benefit in not just ease of use but also ease of finding and reading the
errors when problems arise. You can also debug just one module so much
easier when just rebuilding a project.

Building already for about ten years with .dsp as starting point, done all
above VC flavors. No issues, for example VC11 runs out of the box with very
very minor adjustment, it is more that you do the needed steps in a careful

So  wonder why the cmake way is started, are there issues I do not know ?
I like to help to solve if there are issues. Also with ApacheLounge Forum I
can conclude see that quite some ppl are building with minor issues.  The
biggest flaw we had till now is with VC11 that APR/iconv was not building,
but that we solved with a minor adjustment in the iconv make file.



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