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From Sven Dowideit <>
Subject mod_autoindex tests
Date Wed, 07 Aug 2013 11:27:01 GMT
Heya again :)

This time, I've written a test harness to help me, and I wonder if I
could get some feedback on it :)

also - is there a reason that the httpd-test code is not on / github? (or is it hidden inside another repo?

Ok, to the test - I've made a simplified copy of
httpd-test/t/modules/autoindex.t, which uses the __DATA__ section at the
end of the perl script to contain a list of htaccess settings and the
html output expected. This is then loaded in and compared to what the
server said. (see the PS for an eg)

Can anyone help me generate a set of htaccess configurations that are
most common, most troubling or most interesting?

(I presume that to get the new tests merged, I'll need to create a
bugzilla item and ping the list for interest?)



#somewhat Inline::Files format style
IndexOptions FancyIndexing IconsAreLinks
  <title>Index of /modules/autoindex/htaccess</title>
<h1>Index of /modules/autoindex/htaccess</h1>
<pre>      <a href="?C=N;O=D">Name</a>                    <a
href="?C=M;O=A">Last modified</a>      <a href="?C=S;O=A">Size</a>  <a
href="?C=D;O=A">Description</a><hr><a href="/modules/autoindex/">   

</a> <a href="/modules/autoindex/">Parent
Directory</a>                             -  
<a href=".htaccess">     </a> <a
href=".htaccess">.htaccess</a>               2001-08-22 08:53   41  
<a href="README">     </a> <a href="README">README</a>           
2001-08-28 03:10   21  
<a href="ai-test.doc">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.doc">ai-test.doc</a>             2001-08-18 21:33  415  
<a href="ai-test.gif">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.gif">ai-test.gif</a>             2001-08-28 03:11  1.5K 
<a href="ai-test.gz">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.gz">ai-test.gz</a>              2001-08-28 04:13    1  
<a href="ai-test.html">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.html">ai-test.html</a>            1999-04-01 12:39  9.6K 
<a href="ai-test.jpg">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.jpg">ai-test.jpg</a>             2001-08-28 04:21   15  
<a href="ai-test.php">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.php">ai-test.php</a>             2001-08-22 08:53  892K 
<a href="ai-test.tar">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.tar">ai-test.tar</a>             2001-08-16 13:26  1.0M 
<a href="ai-test.txt">     </a> <a
href="ai-test.txt">ai-test.txt</a>             2001-08-28 03:46    5  
IndexOptions SuppressDescription
more html ....

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