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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject [DISCUSS] Dropping the E-word from mod_lua (SFW)
Date Fri, 02 Aug 2013 12:41:16 GMT
Hi dev@,
Though this is mainly a question for docs@, I thought I'd drop this
email into the dev@ list instead, since this is where I think
objections, if there are any, will arise.

Today, on various Internet channels, I have had to do my very best to
defend the use of mod_lua, ranging from people asking if it's safe to
use to people claiming that it should never be used in a production
environment. Why? because of one word in particular: Experimental.

In our documentation, we write the following:
mod_lua is still in experimental state. Until it is declared stable,
usage and behavior may change at any time, even between stable releases
of the 2.4.x series. Be sure to check the CHANGES file before upgrading.

To a committer/programmer, this may seem totally sane, but to a user of
httpd - and I sincerely hope that users are our aim in the documentaion
- this wording screams "BACK OFF, this may explode at any given time!".
As a "long time" developer and user of httpd/mod_lua for both personal
and professional sites/manoeuvres/jobs, I find it sad that I have to
defend a module in otherwise perfect working condition with no
discernible faults at all, simply because of a wording that scares off
regular users of httpd. So I'd really like to change the wording into
something less scary, so users can both know that it's still in a
development phase, but it won't blow up your computer or spread germs if
you use it on a production server.

I'd like to change the note to something along these lines:
mod_lua is in a state of continuous development. Usage
and behavior is subject to change at any time, even between stable
releases of the 2.4.x series. Be sure to check the CHANGES file before

>From a programming point of view, I can understand if there are
reservations towards this change, but I ask you to look at it from a
user point of view, and I hope you'll welcome this proposal for change.

I hope we won't have to put something as tiny as this to a vote, and if
I do not hear any strong objections within the next 72 hours, I will
assume lazy consensus and commit this change to the documentation.

With regards,

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