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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Dropping the E-word from mod_lua (SFW)
Date Sun, 04 Aug 2013 15:14:02 GMT
We (the ASF) have services running using mod_lua. If we
trust it enough, others should as well.

Experimental and unstable will prevent many people from even
trying it. How about Cutting Edge?

On Aug 2, 2013, at 1:53 PM, Rainer Jung <> wrote:

> On 02.08.2013 14:41, Daniel Gruno wrote:
>> Hi dev@,
>> Though this is mainly a question for docs@, I thought I'd drop this
>> email into the dev@ list instead, since this is where I think
>> objections, if there are any, will arise.
>> Today, on various Internet channels, I have had to do my very best to
>> defend the use of mod_lua, ranging from people asking if it's safe to
>> use to people claiming that it should never be used in a production
>> environment. Why? because of one word in particular: Experimental.
>> In our documentation, we write the following:
>> ----
>> mod_lua is still in experimental state. Until it is declared stable,
>> usage and behavior may change at any time, even between stable releases
>> of the 2.4.x series. Be sure to check the CHANGES file before upgrading.
>> ----
>> To a committer/programmer, this may seem totally sane, but to a user of
>> httpd - and I sincerely hope that users are our aim in the documentaion
>> - this wording screams "BACK OFF, this may explode at any given time!".
>> As a "long time" developer and user of httpd/mod_lua for both personal
>> and professional sites/manoeuvres/jobs, I find it sad that I have to
>> defend a module in otherwise perfect working condition with no
>> discernible faults at all, simply because of a wording that scares off
>> regular users of httpd. So I'd really like to change the wording into
>> something less scary, so users can both know that it's still in a
>> development phase, but it won't blow up your computer or spread germs if
>> you use it on a production server.
>> I'd like to change the note to something along these lines:
>> ----
>> mod_lua is in a state of continuous development. Usage
>> and behavior is subject to change at any time, even between stable
>> releases of the 2.4.x series. Be sure to check the CHANGES file before
>> upgrading
>> ----
>> From a programming point of view, I can understand if there are
>> reservations towards this change, but I ask you to look at it from a
>> user point of view, and I hope you'll welcome this proposal for change.
> What about the U-word Unstable? Some might associate with unstable that
> it is not robust, so again the potential for misinterpretation, but from
> a technical point of view the term "unstable" correctly describes the
> above potential for incompatible changes.
> Regards,
> Rainer

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