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From Thomas Eckert <>
Subject reverse proxy bind backend connection to request
Date Tue, 23 Jul 2013 09:31:36 GMT
In a reverse proxy scenario, I want to do the following

1) read incoming request A and keep it on hold
2) set up connection to backend for (new) request B
3) send request B and read response over that backend connection
4) "bind" that backend connection to request A so that mod_proxy will use
that connection when sending request A. No other request is to use that
backend connection, so prevent mod_proxy from reusing that backend
connection for any request other then request A (and it's sub requests)

I'm done with steps 1 to 3 but the last one is somewhat tricky. My current
plan is to patch mod_proxy_http.c so it will only set up a new backend
connection for a request if it cannot find an existing one in some table
(probably use some module config to get that data across). But this plan
lacks a part of step 4) which is to prevent any other request from using
that backend connection. Is there a 'built-in' way to do this ? If there is
none, what would be the pitfalls I should watch out for when writing a
patch for that specific part of mod_proxy ?


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