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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject Re: UseListenScheme proposal
Date Thu, 11 Jul 2013 15:23:12 GMT

>> The idea is to introduce a non-default "UseListenScheme On" setting
>> which uses the scheme from the Listen directive when constructing
>> self-referencing URLs:
> Can you clarify for the lazy among us how this might interact with
> existing configuration options for self-referencing URLs?  I'm thinking
> mainly "UseCanonicalName" and "Header Edit", though there's also
> the ProxyPass* family, hairy Rewrite hacks, and other bits&pieces.
> (a) What does your patch enable over and above what we have?

   It's pretty basic -- the current logic in ap_construct_url()
when determining the scheme is from http_scheme() in modules/http,
namely, use the scheme from ServerName, if any, otherwise "http".

   This patch adds a preceding check: first look for a scheme in
the corresponding Listen directive, then for a scheme in ServerName,
and finally fall back to "http".

   The ap_construct_url() code is used, so far as I know, in just a
handful of key places where self-referencing URLs are created for
Location headers: handling Redirects and ProxyPassReverse header munging,
adding trailing / chars in mod_dir, generating Location headers in
mod_dav, and a couple of other spots.

   The UseListenScheme directive plays alongside the other two
directives UseCanonicalName and UseCanonicalPhysicalPort in telling
ap_construct_url() what to do.  I didn't see a clean way to add
to their configuration options something involving the scheme; it
seemed cleaner to add a separate directive so we have one each to
specify how scheme, name, and port are determined in ap_construct_url().

> (b) How much duplication of functionality does it introduce?

   None, so far as I can tell ...

> (c) Is there a potential opportunity to deprecate some of our uglier
> historic hacks and clean up duplication?

   I didn't see a way to do this and retain backwards-compatibility
for configuration files around ServerName, etc.  And I was really
looking for something which would leverage the existing configs in
an example like the one I supplied, where Listen "should" be telling
the server that traffic on a specific port needs the https:// scheme.

   And to be honest, I need to backport this to 2.2.x for our internal
purposes, so I wasn't looking for a big trunk/2.6/3.0 config cleanup
opportunity (and I do not want to open that can of worms here! :-)
I'm sure 3.0 could benefit from collapsing the Use* directives down,
and possibly reworking how ServerName, ServerAlias, Listen, etc.
all play together.  For another day ...


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