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From Jan Kaluža <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] mod_unique_id: use ap_random_insecure_bytes() to get unique ID
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 08:00:19 GMT
On 07/06/2013 01:58 AM, Stefan Fritsch wrote:
> On Wednesday 26 June 2013, Jan Kaluža wrote:
>> currently mod_unique_id uses apr_gethostname(...) and PID pair as a
>> base to generate unique ID. The way how it's implemented brings
>> some problems:
>> 1. For IPv6-only hosts it uses low-order bits of IPv6 address as if
>> they were unique, which is wrong.
>> 2. It relies on working DNS. It can happen that hostname does not
>> have the IP assigned during httpd start (for example during the
>> boot) and I think it is still valid use-case (without
>> mod_unique_id module loaded, httpd works well in this case).
>> 3. It calls 1 second sleep to overcome possible usage of the same
>> PID after restart as the one used before the restart.
>> If I'm right, we could fix the problems above by using
>> ap_random_insecure_bytes instead of "in_addr"/"pid" pair as a base
>> for unique ID generation. It would also make the code simpler. I
>> think the randomness generated by ap_random_insecure_bytes() is at
>> least the same as the one introduced by apr_gethostname() + pid
>> pair.
>> The attached patch implements it by removing in_addr/pid fields
>> unique_id_rec struct and introduces new "root" field which is
>> initialized using ap_random_insecure_bytes() function and is used
>> as a base for unique IDs.
> I agree in principle, but I would prefer the ID length to not increase
> that much. You replace 8 bytes ip+pid with 20 bytes "root", which
> means 16 bytes increase in base64 format. The unique id is also used
> as a request log id and having an additional 16 bytes of prefix in the
> error log (if one uses that feature) does not really appeal to me.

Thanks for reviewing the patch.

I agree 20 bytes could be too much. I have changed my patch to have only 
10 bytes long root. I will check the Daniel's ideas mentioned in another 
mail in this thread and try to implement it, but if we are going to do 
it my way, I think this patch should be OK.

> But 20 bytes may be excessive, anyway: If one assumes 10000 servers
> over which the IDs needs to be unique, and uses a 8 byte "root" field,
> the probability for a collision is 3*10^(-12) if I did the math
> correctly. This still has to be multiplied with the number of restarts
> of the servers, so to be save we could use a 10 byte "root" field,
> giving a collision probability (per server restart) of 4*10^(-17),
> which should be ok.

Jan Kaluza

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