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From "Mikhail T." <>
Subject Re: Decrypting mod_session-created cookie
Date Tue, 09 Jul 2013 03:32:18 GMT
08.07.2013 19:35, Graham Leggett wrote:
> Like Daniel said, you don't need to know.
This is unhelpful. Do you /know/ the answer? If you do, could you share
it? If you are trying to avoid committing to a particular method --
because you foresee it changing in the future -- well, that does not
seem right either. The cookies may already be stored by the browsers and
invalidating them all by upgrading the server would not be proper.
> You can configure the decrypted session to be provided to php either via an environment
variable or a request header, your choice. You can then optionally update the session with
a response header. All encryption is transparent to php.
Only if the php is running on the same -- or similarly configured Apache

And then there is the other aspect I mentioned -- the tests, which would
require the session-cookie to be generated (correctly) inside JMeter.

08.07.2013 19:33, Daniel Lescohier wrote:
> Perhaps your decryption code isn't handling the salt?
Perhaps... But for now I'm just trying to decrypt the existing cookie
myself -- if only to better understand, how it is constructed. I'd
appreciate the description of the method used -- rather than a lecture
on how I "don't need to worry my pretty little head"...

I'm also curious, if the cookie is only encrypted, or if it is also
signed. As well as whether it is possible to just have it signed without
encrypting... Thanks,


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