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From "William A. Rowe Jr." <>
Subject Re: [discuss] The 'RM' Baton [was: VOTE]
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2013 19:42:38 GMT
On Wed, 10 Jul 2013 21:38:00 +0200
Graham Leggett <> wrote:

> On 10 Jul 2013, at 9:09 PM, "William A. Rowe Jr."
> <> wrote:
> > At what times was the tree 'open to tag' by any RM?  You effectively
> > placed a block on potential release activity and held STATUS hostage
> > to your whims for well over 1/2 of the past 12 months, but rarely
> > met a commit date, and often held it hostage with no specific
> > commitment.
> I don't follow, at no point have I ever interpreted someone saying
> "I'll RM" as "stand back - I have the baton and nobody is allowed to
> do anything until I say so". All it means is "I'll RM", nothing more.

Which is a reservation.

> If someone doesn't RM when they said they would, it is probably
> because something came up, or perhaps a security issue appeared and
> they hope that it be resolved, or any of a number of reasons. Nothing
> stops someone else stepping up to say "mind if I take over? I want to
> see this out the door".

And dev@ is a wonderful place for communicating both the intent to roll
and offer to pick up the responsibility from another, agreed.

A section titled 'Release History:' is not the place to record that
back-and-forth negotiation of what should be released, and when.

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