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From Wim Lewis <>
Subject mod_dav quota support
Date Wed, 26 Jun 2013 22:44:21 GMT
We're looking into adding RFC4331-style quota support to mod_dav. Is there existing work in
this area we might be able to build on or use?  I'm aware of a few other attempts:

 1. Teruyuki Satake's patch, which reports BSD user quotas to the DAV clients:

 2. "bjaka.max"'s patch, derived from Teruyuki Satake's, which walks the filesystem to determine

 3. William A. Carrell has a patch that reports filesystem usage/space as quotas:

In our case, we want to maintain quota information outside the kernel (like patch #2 above)
but probably with some special sauce specific to our setup. Is it likely that the Apache httpd
project would be interested in integrating a version of "bjaka.max"'s patch which factored
out the actual quota computation and storage as a hookable/pluggable/configurable module,
leaving just the actual HTTP/webdav protocol support?

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