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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Whither Windows (Was: Re: Intent to revert commit r1332643)
Date Fri, 24 May 2013 19:20:54 GMT
Hi Jim,
On 24.05.2013 14:52, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> For me, I wouldn't want to stunt httpd development for "every
> other platform we care about" simply because it breaks
> Windows. But it's not just my decision, 'natch.
well, for me its no reason to just accept every code as long as it 
compiles on *nix platforms regardless of design flaws; also we could 
easily fix the stuff so that Windows would compile again even with the 
design flaw, but that's not what Bill would accept IIUC, and not what I 
would like to do ...

finally what I was mainly after was kicking on discussion again about 
how to fix it correctly, and thats now in progress ... ;-)


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