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From David Mansfield <>
Subject Re: help with fixing a mod_auth_form bug regarding kept_body
Date Thu, 16 May 2013 12:48:12 GMT

On 05/08/2013 10:34 AM, David Mansfield wrote:
> On 05/03/2013 05:28 PM, David Mansfield wrote:
>> I'm hitting this bug (I think):
>> This bug makes the mode described in the docs. for mod_auth_form
>> called "Inline with Body Preservation" impossible, because it's
>> impossible to access the POSTed data from inside the login handler.
>> (I've tried using a cgi like /cgi-bin/login.cgi, and via mod_include
>> using smth like /login.shtml and KeptBodySize).
>> The magic, or lack thereof, occurs at around line 979 of
>> mod_auth_form.c.
>> The code sets up a subrequest and uses that to ap_parse_form_data().
>> The kept_body_filter is not invoked until after this happens, which
>> could be the crux of the problem.
>> Unfortunately I don't know much about apache internals and perhaps a
>> few minutes of expert guidance could point me in the right direction
>> for how to fix this.
>> It doesn't seem that ap_parse_form_data has any provision for saving
>> the brigade anywhere so I imagine this will have to be done via a
>> kept_body, but I'm really lost at this point.
>> Any ideas?
> I've tried extensively to debug this - but it seems the kept_body is
> not passed properly to the request in "internal_internal_redirect" and
> that also the "f->ctx" (filter context variable) is not passed on
> either, and without these two things it is hopeless. Maybe this is
> intentional for "ErrorDocument" handling, but it makes this particular
> (documented) feature completely broken AFACT.
> If there's someone on the list that can provide any feedback
> whatsoever it would be really helpful.
> Can anyone confirm that "inline login with body preservation" has ever
> worked in any situation for them?

Wow for a "dev" list there is nobody who can even comment in any way 
whatsoever.  Where do the devs for httpd live for real?  IRC? Anyone? 

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