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From Micha Lenk <>
Subject Re: mod_proxy seg faulting ?
Date Sat, 04 May 2013 18:20:03 GMT
Hi Stefan,

Am 03.05.2013 14:09, schrieb Stefan Fritsch:
> On Thursday 02 May 2013, Thomas Eckert wrote:
>> > Lately, I've been seeing httpd/mod_proxy seg faulting in reverse
>> > proxy setups, frequency increasing.
> I am pretty sure that this is a thread-unsafe pool usage. 
> create_proxy_config() puts the global config pool into 
> (proxy_server_conf)->pool. It is later (during request processing) 
> used all over the place without further locking. This must be a sub-
> pool instead, and it must be protected with a mutex. Or new sub-pools 
> must be created wherever conf->pool is used.

Can you please elaborate the problem of thread-unsafe pool usage a bit
more so that we can better understand why this is causing a segmentation
fault? Or alternatively, do you have any pointer to documentation,
mailinglists, what ever, where to read more about it?

Thanks in advance,

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