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From Eric Covener <>
Subject Re: Default value of LuaScope in trunk mod_lua
Date Thu, 25 Apr 2013 14:41:54 GMT
On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 10:24 AM, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
> Hi dev@ people,
> I'm thinking of changing the default value of LuaScope in trunk to
> 'thread', as the current default, 'once', has a significant performance
> impact (as I explained at ApacheCon). As Lua's garbage collector is
> quite awesome (it's virtually impossible to leak memory unless you
> deliberately do so), I don't see a reason why we should stick with
> 'once' on threaded platforms, especially considering the overhead of
> reloading libraries into the VMs if they are created and thrown away
> after each request. I would also like for this to get backported to 2.4
> at some point, which is why I'm throwing you this email as a heads up.
> Thoughts? ideas? heckling?

You mentioned before some corner case with scripts relying on
globals/statics/??? that this would affect. Can you give an idea of
how corner that is?

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