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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain and non constant arguments
Date Thu, 04 Apr 2013 08:43:24 GMT

On 3 Apr 2013, at 08:52, Thomas Eckert wrote:

> I'm trying to make ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain understand two things it apparently does
not understand at the moment: accept 1) balancer names and 2) variables as arguments. For
the first problem I was able to come up with a patch based on the code for the ProxyPassReverse
directive (see below).
> The second problem gives me headaches though. Suppose I would like to do
>   ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain balancer://foobar/ %{HTTP_HOST}

Why would you do that?  What backend application is setting cookies
with such a broken domain parameter as that?

> so the %{HTTP_HOST} expression is translated to the http host field of the original client
request. This is

The HTTP_HOST will always match the <VirtualHost> in which the reverse proxy
is configured.  You can of course have as many virtualhosts as you want,
but I'm not convinced you need even that.

At a glance, your patch is unnecessary: you should get the same outcome
by just adding a ProxyPassReverseCookieDomain directive for each Host:
value you answer to.  Am I missing something?

Nick Kew
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