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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r1466669 - /httpd/httpd/branches/2.4.x/STATUS
Date Thu, 11 Apr 2013 16:05:13 GMT
On 04/11/2013 01:55 AM, Guenter Knauf wrote:
> On 10.04.2013 23:34, Guenter Knauf wrote:
>>> but here's what I found so far:
>>> - banner(), port() and started() are functions (or methods), and listed
>>> as such below 'Built in functions'; but they are also listed as members
>>> of request_rec (see the big table); in addition started() gives
>>> certainly not seconds back but microseconds
>>> - add_version_component() doest work for me (on NetWare) but gives:
>>> Error: attempt to call method 'add_version_component' (a nil value)
>>> - the sample docu for r:stat() is wrong: info.modified -> info.mtime
>>> - I get strange time values back from r:stat() on NetWare
>>> - r:expr(string) sample uses %{HTTP_HOST}, but that doesnt work for me
>> one more issue I saw:
>> - r.module_info() returns directives where the closing tag is missing,
>> f.e.:
>> <Directory
>> instead of:
>> <Directory>
> I've now tested on Windows, and I can see all previously mentioned
> issues there too; in addition the attached script which works fine on
> NetWare crashes the Windows httpd ...
> Gregg, do you see same, and if so can you perhaps capture debug info and
> post here?
> Gün.
I just tried the script you attached on my Windows box, as well as the
original LuaRoot + LuaMapHandler problem, and I can't find anything
wrong with it, it works flawlessly with httpd 2.4.4 + mod_lua from trunk
(using Lua 5.1.4). There appears to be nothing in the code that triggers
it (go look yourself, I can't find anything), so I'm just about to chalk
it up to Windows (or possibly Lua for Windows) just acting weird for
some people.

So, to sum up; I can't reproduce either of the crashes on my Windows 7
machine :(

With regards,

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