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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: [off-topic] ApacheCon is over - thanks for the people I met and the lessons I learned.
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 15:29:52 GMT
Daniel, it was great meeting you as well... I'll be honest,
I'd been "following" mod_lua but really hadn't been all
that deeply interested, but your talk changed that. mod_lua
really has a Major Feature written all over it and I'm a
BIG +1 in getting all trunk features into 2.4 asap, and will
do all I can to help.

Re: 2.6... I think one way of looking at it is to see
how far we can take removing all blocking i/o from
the input filters. I also liked the idea of a sub-connection
(as a counter-point to existing sub-requests) that was
suggested during the mod_spdy talk.

On Mar 2, 2013, at 1:55 PM, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:

> This is perhaps a bit off-topic, but since we don't really have a
> defocus@ mailing list, I thought I'd just send my email to this list.
> So, ApacheCon North America 2013 is finally over, and what a great
> conference it was.
> I want to thank the people I met for being so awesome (Rainer, Mike,
> Rich, Igor, Jim, Roy, Jeff, Bill, Chris, Daniel, the list goes on...)
> and for doing some very impressive talks that showed that the httpd
> project is still very much alive and kicking. I was especially impressed
> by Jim and Rich's talks, and I hope that in time, I can become, if not
> as awesome then just a hint more awesome at doing presentations.
> Furthermore, it was a great pleasure to meet some of the people that
> don't necessarily contribute, but simply use httpd, and get some
> feedback from them on what we can improve and what we're doing right. I
> did see quite a few "small fixes" during the conference, which comes to
> show that interaction between committers and users do matter, even when
> it's more informal as the various barcamps and in-the-hallway meetings
> were.
> There were also interesting questions being asked at the talks, which
> will in time lead to some commits to fix or enhance various bits and
> pieces of the httpd code. Personally, I'll be looking into doing a sync
> of the trunk and the 2.4 branch with regards to mod_lua, as well as look
> into perhaps extending the number of places where hooks can be
> positioned early/late, as per Bill's suggestion at the mod_lua talk. On
> a side note, I was humored as well as pleased to be asked about whether
> mod_lua is a viable alternative to node.js - of course this depends
> immensely on what exactly you're trying to accomplish, but
> hey...anything is possible with mod_lua, or at least that's my overly
> biased opinion ;)
> So, what does the future hold for httpd? Well, one of the interesting
> times during the conference was Roy's "tumble-weed moment" where he
> inquired on httpd 3.0 and the entire ballroom went dead silent. I think
> this illustrates that while we do have a vibrant and healthy community,
> we may not know exactly where we're going in the future, and this may be
> a concern to some of our users. Will we be rewriting httpd completely,
> will we just do a 2.6 that follows in the footsteps of 2.4, or...what
> will we be doing? At some point, it would be nice if we could either get
> a working group going or start a discussion of what we'd want the next
> httpd to be and how we'll get there. I know much of this hinges on the
> HTTP/2.0 work being done by Roy et al. and so I'm not trying to force
> people to think about it right now, but at some point, we need to figure
> out where we want to be once HTTP/2.0 becomes a reality. Maybe we'll be
> the first major web server supporting it? Who knows.
> Anywho, thanks for a truly awesome ApacheCon, and I really hope to see
> the same cool httpd gang next time, and hopefully more of the committers
> that have contributed so much brilliant code to the httpd project over
> the last year.
> One thing that I would have liked to have happen was an actual httpd
> team get-together where we could say hello and talk a bit more about
> httpd and what we're each working/tinkering on at the moment. This will
> naturally have to be planned in advance, which seems to be where it all
> failed. I'll do my best to hash out some plans for the next meetup, so
> we can get down to business and discuss what awesome plans we have for
> httpd.
> I promise, I will work on improving my presentations (my mod_lua talk
> went okay, but the HRM talk tanked due to me losing my slides - talk
> about bad luck) and I hope/know that the rest of you will just be
> awesome as usual next time around.
> With regards,
> Daniel.

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