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From Wim Lewis <>
Subject Patches languishing in Bugzilla
Date Tue, 26 Mar 2013 00:47:17 GMT
There are a number of OK-looking patches in Bugzilla that have been sitting there with no action
for a while. I just went through the recent "Bug report" looking for bugs of interest to me
that have patches. All of the following bugs have a patch, and most of them address a pretty
straightforward failure to implement the spec. None of the bugs' comments indicate objections
to their patches (although in some cases that's because nobody has commented on them at all,
beyond the initial problem description and patch submission):

 |35981|New|Maj|2005-08-02|mod_dav overrides dav_fs response on PUT failure  |
 |39287|New|Nor|2006-04-12|Incorrect If-Modified-Since validation (due to syn|
 |50773|New|Nor|2011-02-14|Dav lock database corruption                      |
 |51297|New|Nor|2011-05-31|Improve error handling during "UNLOCK"            |
 |52559|New|Nor|2012-01-30|[PATCH] Some PROPPATCH causing segfault in mod_dav|
 |53525|New|Nor|2012-07-09|PROPPATCH delete (svn propdel) errors not returned|
 |53741|New|Min|2012-08-19|Code clean up (Concat string at compile time when |
 |53910|New|Nor|2012-09-21|If: check spuriously succeeds with %-encoded URL a|
 |54145|New|Min|2012-11-14|Poor error handling in dav_method_put()           |
 |54611|New|Nor|2013-02-26|Location header for dav_created not URI encoded   | (general case
of |54367|New|Maj|2013-01-02|Location header in response to PUT is not %-escape|?)
 |54610|New|Nor|2013-02-26|COPY doesn't respect If/If-Modified/etc           |

I'd like to propose that 35981, 39287, 51297, 52559, 53741, 54145 be committed. 

The patches in 50773, 53525, 53910, 54610, and 54611 perhaps should be evaluated by someone
with more familiarity with the server internals before they are committed, but I'd be especially
grateful if someone would look at 53910, 54610, and/or 54611; these are bugs that make the
stock Apache unusable for us.

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