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From Stefan Fritsch>
Subject Re: mod_proxy_websocket
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2013 20:56:05 GMT
On Wednesday 06 March 2013, Micha Lenk wrote:
> However, using mod_websocket from the mentioned Github location, I 
> discovered that it has timeout issues when mod_reqtimeout is loaded
> too  (unless request body timeouts are disabled). Apparently
> mod_reqtimeout now enforces timeouts in non-blocking I/O mode
> independently from apr_socket timeouts. I.e. the call to
> apr_socket_timeout_set() in mod_websocket.c doesn't disable all
> active timeouts anymore. The result is that the websocket is
> disconnected after 20 seconds
> (RequestReadTimeout default for body timeout).

mod_reqtimeout only touches http connections and has also special 
handling to avoid touching CONNECT requests. But since websocket 
connections start their live as http, I see that there may be a 

Is there a way for mod_reqtimeout to determine that a connection has 
been upgraded, i.e. that it is no longer http? If no, maybe we should 
extend the conn_rec to provide that information. Alternatively, 
mod_reqtimeout could offer an API to allow modules to disable it. But 
I think that is the worse of the two solutions.

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