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From Timothy Wood <>
Subject Re: If/If-Match don't work for COPY
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2013 15:59:18 GMT
On Feb 26, 2013, at 2:08 AM, wrote:

> From: Reindl Harald <>
> Am 25.02.2013 22:47, schrieb Timothy Wood:
>> Sending a If or If-Match header with an invalid ETag doesn't result in a 412 Precondition
> why in the world should it?

Well, the first reason is that the spec seems to require it.

> you get back a 200 status code and content
> or a "305 Not Modified"  which you can EASY
> implement in any PHP-application too as i do
> it for years

Second, I don't see how you can implement this in the client. If I do a PROPFIND and get an
ETag of "A" for some collection and then later want to duplicate the collection, but only
if it still has the same ETag, then I should be able to do COPY /collection with If-Match:
"A" or If: <collection/> (["A"])

> why would you response with a 412?

mod_dav should respond with a 412 when the precondition specified in the If or If-Match wasn't


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